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How to Get Better at Modeling

Hey everyone!

One of the best ways to get better at modeling is to observe and learn from those with more experience. It’s one thing to look at photos of amazing modeling in stunning poses, but it’s a whole other ballgame to get out there and do it yourself.

Seeing models move and pose in live motion is a great way to start picking up on subtle things like hand positioning, facial expressions, and getting comfortable in your surroundings and lost in the moment. 

It’s important to remember that no matter how good you are, there is always something you can learn that will help you be even better. 

Check out these videos. 

Get comfortable & rock it in front of the camera.

Sometimes you shoot in public places, so you can’t be self-conscious. Be confident!

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Perfect for Chilly Weather: Knit Socks & Patterned Tights

I love the fall and winter seasons because they give me the excuse to wear super cute long knit socks and patterned tights.

Socks and tights are a fast and easy way to turn a simple outfit into fashion statement. Find some in neutral colors and they’ll go with almost anything in your closet.

If you have some shorts, skirts, or dresses in your closet that you loved wearing during spring and summer, but can’t bring yourself to wear them in this chilly weather, chunky knit socks or cozy tights can add that extra layer of warmth that will keep your legs safe from the cold.

Layer up!

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A Beginner Model’s Guide to Posing

It’s easy to just stand around and look pretty. Anyone can do that. But it’s hard to find someone that can get in front of a camera and really MOVE.

When you’re at a photo shoot, and the photographer points his or her camera at you, it’s important not to look like a deer in the headlights.

Although it make take some time, try to act natural and comfortable in front of the camera–because if you feel nervous or awkward, it will definitely show in the photos.

It may help to forget that the photographer is even there and just get in your own zone and do your thing.

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Jason Wu for Target: Spring 2012

Following the crazy success of the Missoni collection, Target recently announced their new designer collaboration–with Jason Wu.

The collection will hit stores (and February 5, and will be available until March 6. Prices will range from $19.99 to $59.99 for apparel, and $19.99 to $49.99 for handbags and scarves.

What can we expect?

Picture natural-fiber handbags, secretary bows, lace, full skirts, floral pleats, nautical stripes, that mustard color, and thin belts. Check out Jason Wu’s sneak peek sketch above of his black party dress for Target.

“My collection for Target embodies my signature aesthetic of feminine sophistication, with a mischievous nod to the 1960s,” said Jason Wu. “I’ve had an incredible experience partnering with Target and I am looking forward to bringing these affordable designs to women across the country.”


Bring on the hysteria.


For Guys: How to Look Dateable

Okay, so I like a well-dressed man, is that a crime?

Unfortunately, a straight man with fashion sense is hard to come by. I think a man can be stylish and maintain his masculinity–absolutely.

If anything, actually putting some thought into what you (a guy) wears could get you more attention from the female crowd, make you look like a more successful and influential person, and boost your self-confidence. Really. Is that motivation enough? I would think so.

Here are some do and don’ts of mens fashion, along with some other examples of hip and stylish wear. Check’ em out, and reevaluate your wardrobe. C’mon, do it for us girls. Pleeeeeese.

You’re in serious trouble if you…

Wear a backpack with a suit, dress like a tourist (Hawaiian shirts, frumpy shorts, sneakers with tube socks), or look like Steve Urkel. You’re also in trouble if you wear socks with birkenstocks, never take off your hooded sweatshirt, or wear dad jeans. If you do any of these things, stop immediately.

Do’s and Don’ts

Dad jeans vs. Dark jeans

Don’t wear dad jeans that go up to your waist with a tacky belt and running shoes. Instead, do go for medium rise jeans with a dark wash that sit at the hips. Way hotter. Seriously. They’re fitted instead of baggy, and follow the shape of your legs instead of saddlebagging from the waist like the jeans on the left.

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Defend Your Health: Be an Empowered Patient

“After generations of our treating health-care providers and doctors like gods, never questioning them and feeling complacent, Cohen’s book is a wonderful shot in the arm. It’s for all of us who want to approach medicine like consumers, to ask questions, and to know our rights. The Empowered Patient gives patients the valuable tools to advocate for themselves and their loved ones.” -Lee Woodruff, author of Perfectly Imperfect

I came across The Empowered Patient, written by Elizabeth Cohen, CNN senior medical correspondent, on one of the nearly bare bookshelves at my local Borders during their store closing sale and figured I’d give it a try. Well, it turned out to be the best $2 I have ever spent.

Once I picked the book up to start reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

I know, a book about the health-care industry? Doesn’t sound too intriguing, right? This one proved me wrong.

I can’t believe I ever stepped foot in a hospital without having read The Empowered Patient. It really opened my eyes as to how important it is for us to advocate for our own health, and even our own lives.

Although I think you should definitely read the whole thing because it’s super interesting and chock-full of unbelievable real-life cases, I’ll give you a quick run-through of the main facts, tips, and advice that Cohen provides in her book.

(the following information based on various studies, statistics, and interviews has been adapted from The Empowered Patient by Elizabeth Cohen)

What Doctors Won’t Tell You

  • 99,000 Americans die yearly from infections they get at the hospital.
  • 98,000 more die each year from medical mistakes made in the hospital.
  • Hospital dangers kill more people per year than breast cancer, prostate cancer, car accidents, AIDS, and diabetes put together.
  • When you go to the doctor with a health problem, his diagnosis will be wrong as many as one out of four times.
  • More than 7 percent of the time, doctors fail to inform patients when they’ve had an abnormal test result.

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How to Book a Photo Shoot

Okay! Here is part two, just as promised.

If you followed my advice in the first modeling advice article I wrote, you now have a profile on a modeling website. Awesome!

With that checked off, it’s time to start building up your portfolio and getting some experience in front of the camera. However, first it’s important to know that there are different types of modeling; fashion, commercial, and glamour.

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Want to Model? Here’s How to Get Started

You might have dreams of getting spotted in a shopping mall by an agent and instantly becoming the hot new face on the runways in Milan. Or of shooting ad campaigns for all the big name designers like Gucci, Burberry, and Chanel. But in reality, “getting discovered” only happens to a very small percentage of successful models out there.

Being proactive is the key if you want to get anywhere because there are a million bazillion girls that aspire to be models . Some have what it takes, and some don’t. Personality and attitude matter–a lot. If you’re not professional, enjoyable, and easy to work with, forget about making modeling a career.

It’s about who you know, and what they think of you.

Word travels fast within the fashion industry–if you drop the ball, everyone is going to know about it.

I’m not trying to scare you out of giving it a try, I’m just giving you a heads up as to how things work if you plan on treating modeling as more than just a hobby.

Having said that, how does an aspiring model get their foot in the door?

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Nail it! Polish Inspiration

Sometimes I get bored of painting my nails one solid color and want to do something a little more creative and exciting, but don’t really know where to start looking for inspiration.

Well, here are some cool ideas that I took the time to search for on various websites and blogs to help you amp up your plain Jane manicure to something, well, not so plain. Check ’em out!

P.S. There is a quick how to tutorial at the bottom for those of you that want to try the reverse French manicure!

A reverse french manicure in Ruffian Red.


Black and white polish with monogram design.


A reverse French chevron in black.


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Say Cheese! How to Look Picture Perfect in 5 Simple Steps

You may not be a professional model, but you still want to come out looking hot in your photos right?

I thought so.

Here are some tips on how to look like a seasoned pro in all your shots whether they are for facebook, a dating website, a family album, or anything else you can think of.

And please, have someone else take the photo for you–none of this “arms-length Myspace style self-portrait” business. I beg you. And no bathroom mirror reflection snapshots either. Resist the urge! 😉

Moving on to tip #1…

1. Lighting makes a difference.

Yessir! It really does. Any decent photographer can tell you that.

First of all, it’s more flattering to not use flash, so make sure there is enough natural light. Cloudy days are especially great for portrait shots because the light is diffused (spread evenly) and you don’t get any of those harsh shadows caused by direct sunlight.

But, if the sun is out, make sure that it’s in front of you, and not behind you. Backlighting can make you come out dark or faded in photos. Sunlight is also best either in the early morning or in the late afternoon. Avoid noon by all costs–that’s when the light is at it’s worst.

Backlighting can make your hair look frizzy instead of cute.

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