I Heart _______

by denisesalceda

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” — Robert Brault

1. Orchids

Photograph by ifsantag2

 So gorgeous and exotic, orchids give me the warm and fuzzies inside.

2. Playing the piano

Photograph by NellyNel1

I learned to play the piano when I was 7, but later on I taught myself pieces like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Mozart’s Fantasie in D Minor. I like sad, tragically beautiful songs. 

3. Fresh Orange Juice

Photograph by Grendylgirl

There is something so satisfying about drinking a glass of natural fresh orange juice straight from the fruit…yummm! So good. Way better than the store bought stuff. 

4. Yard Sales

Photograph by imaginexthat

I get a kick out of going to yard sales. You have to sort through the crap to find the good stuff, but when you find  something awesome it’s the best thing ever. 

5. Yoga

Yoga is my way to relieve stress and keep myself grounded. Ommm. Yay for body pretzels!

6. Enchiladas

My favorite food. Don’t judge. It’s in my blood. 😉

7. The Color Teal

Show me something in teal and I will be automatically drawn to it. It could be the ugliest thing ever, but if it’s in teal, I might just like it.

8. Photography

Photograph by firedance99

My dad has always been into photography, so my sister and I naturally picked it up as a hobby as well. Love it. Photography rocks.

9. Coffee

Photograph by Ram Photography

It makes me hyper. And it goes really well with either great company or a good book. Boba is really yummy too though. Mmmm…boba.

10. Running

Photograph by tie-me-in-bow

I started running in 7th grade because I was an antsy and energetic kid. Been running ever since. But don’t run in flip flops. It’s bad for you.

Simple things make me happy.:)

Talk again soon,