My Indentured Servitude, I Mean Internship

by denisesalceda

I’m just joking. I love my internship. Really.

Some of the stuff in the showroom

I’ve been an intern at Showroom Seven in Downtown Los Angeles for over a month now. What the heck is Showroom Seven you ask? Well, it’s a fashion showroom that has both a sales and a public relations/press department (Seventh House PR). The sales part sells brands like Denimocracy, Odd Molly, Liebeskind, and Leigh & Luca at wholesale to stores and boutiques, while the public relations/press part of the showroom loans clothes and accessories (like Charlotte Ronson, Twenty Cluny, Issa, Farah Khan, GUiSHEM, or B-Low the Belt) to celebrity stylists for photo shoots or special appearances and events.

Selena Gomez in Twenty Cluny, Lauren Conrad in Farah Kahn, and Brittany Snow in GUiSHEM

Celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Rashida Jones, Kate Middleton, Kristen Stewart, Nicki Minaj, and a ton more have worn clothes from Showroom Seven. They borrow a top, dress, belt, or whatever it may be, then return it when they’re done with it. Kinda like checking out a book from the library. Sweet huh?

My view of the showroom from where I usually sit

What do I do? I help out when stylists come in to pull clothes for their celebrity clients, create media/publication contact lists for special events, merchandize shoes and handbags, and set up sample sales (which take place the last Friday of every month and are open to the public–you should come check it out sometime!)…along with a bunch of other random things. I work three days a week, eight-hour days. Yesssir.

In a couple of days I’ll be flying out to Las Vegas with the sales department for PROJECT, a huge 3-day fashion trade event taking place in the Mandalay Bay hotel. I’ll be in the Odd Molly booth, assisting with sales. I haven’t been to Vegas in about ten years, so I’m really excited about the trip. Vegas, here I come!

So, that’s a brief overview of my fashion internship. Stay tuned for my blog post on my Vegas trip! Thanks for stopping by!
Ciao for now,