Face Off! Celebs Au Naturale

by denisesalceda

We are used to seeing Lady Gaga with a ton of outlandish makeup to match her equally wild wardrobe, but what do you think about the October Harper’s Bazaar cover set to hit newsstands September 27th featuring the young starlet bare faced and au naturale? I think she looks great, and I love how she’s putting herself out there in her most raw form.

Check out these other photos of celebs without makeup on. Although their naked faces caught by paparazzi weren’t an intentional statement like Gaga’s Bazaar cover, it still goes to show that celebs in their natural, unglamourous state (without the help of a stylist or makeup artist) look a lot more like you and me. How refreshing!

Jessica Biel

Jessica Alba

Kim Kardashian

Dakota Fanning

Mila Jovovich

Amanda Seyfried

Eva Longoria

Heidi Klum

Kendra Wilkinson

Kristen Stewart

Mischa Barton

Ale Ambrosio (Victoria's Secret model)

Jessica Simpson

Amber Valletta


Bridget Moynahad

Cameron Diaz

Christina Hendricks

Ellen Pompeo

Jennifer Garner

Karolina Kurkova (Victoria's Secret model)

Kate Hudson

Katherine Heigel

Katie Holmes

Kelly Ripa

Kylie Minogue

Lily Allen

Lindsay Lohan

Marisa Tomei

Uma Thurman

Molly Sims

Angelina Jolie

Makeup works wonders, doesn’t it?

Ciao for now,