Nail it! Polish Inspiration

by denisesalceda

Sometimes I get bored of painting my nails one solid color and want to do something a little more creative and exciting, but don’t really know where to start looking for inspiration.

Well, here are some cool ideas that I took the time to search for on various websites and blogs to help you amp up your plain Jane manicure to something, well, not so plain. Check ’em out!

P.S. There is a quick how to tutorial at the bottom for those of you that want to try the reverse French manicure!

A reverse french manicure in Ruffian Red.


Black and white polish with monogram design.


A reverse French chevron in black.


Armour on one nail? So awesome and unexpected.


Black and gold reverse French manicure.


Nail design by Sophy Robson.


Nails from the 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011 runway. Want.


Black matte with glossy tips. Love it! From


Sophy Robson art deco nail design for Dansk Magazine. Crazy cool!


Nail design by Maki Sakamotao. Black matte with gold-toned hardware.


I like to call this the "Aqua Cowboy." Disco Nails blog.


Mixed metal nail polish

How to give yourself a reverse French Manicure:

Page reinforcers. Use for either a regular or a reverse French.

  1. Apply base coat on nails.
  2. Apply a white base color evenly on nails (or you can get creative and use other colors too).
  3. Cut page reenforcers in half. Press one half on each nail in the moon section.
  4. Apply your choice of color on nails up to reenforcer.
  5. Apply second coat of color.
  6. When polish is dry, use tweezers to remove page reenforcers.
  7. Apply top coat.

Try doing your own nails–going to the nail salon every two weeks can get pricey.

For a cheap, but good quality polish, try Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear. They cost about $2.50 at Target, and come in a ton of fun colors.

I'm wearing this stuff as I write this post! 🙂

I love using Xtreme Wear because it’s super durable and doesn’t chip easily.

So go get creative and have fun!