Want to Model? Here’s How to Get Started

by denisesalceda

You might have dreams of getting spotted in a shopping mall by an agent and instantly becoming the hot new face on the runways in Milan. Or of shooting ad campaigns for all the big name designers like Gucci, Burberry, and Chanel. But in reality, “getting discovered” only happens to a very small percentage of successful models out there.

Being proactive is the key if you want to get anywhere because there are a million bazillion girls that aspire to be models . Some have what it takes, and some don’t. Personality and attitude matter–a lot. If you’re not professional, enjoyable, and easy to work with, forget about making modeling a career.

It’s about who you know, and what they think of you.

Word travels fast within the fashion industry–if you drop the ball, everyone is going to know about it.

I’m not trying to scare you out of giving it a try, I’m just giving you a heads up as to how things work if you plan on treating modeling as more than just a hobby.

Having said that, how does an aspiring model get their foot in the door?

You have to put yourself out there.

There are some websites, similar to facebook, that let models create a profile, upload photos, and network with other models, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, etc.

Here are three modeling websites you might want to consider. There are a ton out there, but these are the ones I personally recommend for different reasons. 

1. Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem has been around for quite a while and has a large community of people in the industry. However, be warned that you will come across a lot of nude and glamour model profiles, so it’s not very 18 and under friendly.

2. Broken Doll Models

This is a great site that is 18 and under friendly because it doesn’t allow the raunchy stuff.

3. Model Wire Network

Although it’s a new site, I love the clean design and user friendly interface. It definitely has a lot of potential.

You can either choose to use one site, or use various. You just have to decide how many you want to manage and update on a regular basis.

When you join one of these sites, you’ll have to supply some photos before you can get your profile approved. But, they can’t just be any photos. Although they don’t have to be “professional,” you still can’t use arms-length photos, mirror shots, webcam snaps, or poor quality/badly cropped images.

I know, I know, you might not have any decent photos because you haven’t started doing any serious modeling yet, so what do you do?

Have you been in any runway shows or fashion showcases at your school, a mall, etc? You can use those photos. Do you have any nice photos taken of you at a wedding or special event where there was a professional photographer? Those photos might work.

Still nothing?

Well, you might just have to call up a good friend and ask them for a favor. You can take your own photos following the rules I explained in my How to Look Picture Perfect article.

You’ll need about 4 or 5 different shots, so try to change it up so they don’t look too similar. Change the background, your outfit, or your hair so that you get different looks. Don’t try to do anything too crazy, just keep it simple and get a nice headshot/closeup, and some half body and full body shots.

Once you get your profile approved with these photos, you can start networking with photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, etc. Yay!

Alrighty then. I’ll give you guys some time to check out these modeling sites and make your own profiles.

Keep an eye out for my next modeling advice article that will explain how to start booking some photoshoots and how to be ready for them.

Until next time, stay beautiful inside and out,