How to Book a Photo Shoot

by denisesalceda

Okay! Here is part two, just as promised.

If you followed my advice in the first modeling advice article I wrote, you now have a profile on a modeling website. Awesome!

With that checked off, it’s time to start building up your portfolio and getting some experience in front of the camera. However, first it’s important to know that there are different types of modeling; fashion, commercial, and glamour.


Fashion, editorial, runway

Fashion modeling requires a long, lean body type. The emphasis is on the clothes and accessories. You can find fashion models in high fashion runway shows, famous designer look-books/catalogs, and magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.


Advertisements, catalogs, beauty

Commercial modeling is very open to different ages and body types depending on the target audience. The goal is to sell a product or service. You can find commercial models in advertisements, stock photography, and catalogs.


Swimsuit, lingerie, nude

I like to call glamour modeling, “boobs and butt” modeling. It’s all about sex appeal. You can find glamour models in magazines like Maxim or Playboy, and as promotional models at trade shows or other events.

Not all types of modeling are created equal, so it’s good to know which one you want to focus on and start looking through magazines or browsing other models’ portfolios online to study their body positions and facial expressions (more on that later).

When you are ready to book your first photo shoot, you can find photographers online that are willing to trade their services as a photographer if you will be their model.

This is called “trade for” (TF). If you model for them, they will give you a certain amount of edited photos. Of course the amount depends on the photographer. No exchange of money involved.

On Model Mayhem, you can find modeling opportunities under the “castings” tab. On Broken Doll Models, click “HUB” on the left-hand side panel, and then click the castings button. On Model Wire Network, the “projects” tab takes you to the available castings.

Once you find a casting for a photo shoot that sounds interesting, make sure you take a look at the photographer’s portfolio before you contact him/her regarding the opportunity to work with them.

Check to make sure that they have quality photos and that they have experience shooting the type of modeling (fashion, commercial, glamour) that you want to add to your portfolio.

Filter out any photographers that seem to just be a GWC, or “guy with camera.” These are guys are creepers that don’t have any real photography skills (hence the sucky portfolios), and just want to shoot pretty girls because otherwise they wouldn’t give them the time of day. Just sayin’.

If you decide to contact a photographer about a casting, make sure you know your measurements, because they usually ask for them.

You need to know your bust size, the circumference of the smallest part of your waist, and the widest part of your hips. For example, my measurements are 34A/26/35.

If they get back to you regarding the casting, congrats! You just booked a photo shoot (if not, no worries! Keep an eye out for other opportunities).

Make sure you understand the details about the shoot, including whether you’ll be doing your own hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling or if it will be provided, what you will need to bring, where it will be, and at what time.

And DON’T FLAKE! No one likes a flake. If you commit to something, do it (unless there is a major emergency or something big like that, of course). Flaking burns bridges and gives you a really bad reputation. Definitely a no-no.

But once the day comes and the camera is aimed straight at you (ahhh!), what do you do?

Check out my next modeling advice post on posing and facial expressions. Till then, flip through some magazines and learn from the pros!