A Beginner Model’s Guide to Posing

by denisesalceda

It’s easy to just stand around and look pretty. Anyone can do that. But it’s hard to find someone that can get in front of a camera and really MOVE.

When you’re at a photo shoot, and the photographer points his or her camera at you, it’s important not to look like a deer in the headlights.

Although it make take some time, try to act natural and comfortable in front of the camera–because if you feel nervous or awkward, it will definitely show in the photos.

It may help to forget that the photographer is even there and just get in your own zone and do your thing.

And now I’ll go into a little more detail on…

How to Pose

Don’t get stuck in the same pose for more than three seconds. Three seconds?!? Yeah, and even that might be too much.

KEEP MOVING. Slightly tweak your pose by moving your shoulders, angling your face differently, repositioning your arms, legs, etc. It helps to think of modeling as a sort of dance. Keep moving, keep flowing.

Be aware of your hands. If you have claw hands or are making an awkward position with your hands, RELAX.

Keep your hands graceful and soft whether they are on your hips, or hanging loose at your sides. Don’t clamp them at your waist or make tight white knuckle fists–your hands should always stay light and smooth.

You must have good posture. Modeling is all about positioning your body in flattering angles and interesting shapes, so it’s important to have good posture to begin with. I’ve never seen a successful model who hunched all the time, have you?

It’s all about asymmetry. For example, if you have one arm bent, keep the other one long and straight. Or if you have one leg locked out, have a bend in the other one. This will make the pose look less artificial. 

Also, don’t always look at the camera. It’s okay to look away. It’s actually better too. You can stare off into the distance, slightly away from the camera.

And like I’ve mentioned before, look through fashion magazines and other model’s portfolios for pose inspiration and to see what works and what doesn’t.

It’s also important to note what type of shoot you’re doing–fashion, commercial, or glamour. They call for different kinds of posing. Fashion modeling usually requires more angular and dramatic poses, while commercial modeling tends to expect more everyday, happy, and casual poses. Glamour modeling uses poses that showcase a girls assets, if you know what I mean. 😉

So pose accordingly.

I’ve found that it helps to view videos of models working it in front of the camera to get an idea of what it looks like. Check these out. 

Posing Recap

1. Avoid the “deer in the headlights” look.

2. MOVE. Don’t get stuck in a pose for more than 3 seconds.

2. No claw hands or white knuckle fists allowed.

3. Practice good posture.

4. Be asymmetrical.

5. Don’t always look at the camera.

And of course, practice, practice, practice! Just like anything other skill, it takes time to learn how to pose well and to make it second-nature. I hope this basic posing guide helped you guys out!

We’ll talk again soon,